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Lynda - Linux Kernel Fundamentals

Title: Lynda - Linux Kernel Fundamentals
Category: Other > Tutorials

Uploaded by b2r*1000

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What lies at the heart of the Linux operating system? The Linux kernel. Every Linux professional—including those in system administration, operations, and software development—needs to be familiar with the functionality of the Linux kernel as well as the mechanics of configuring and troubleshooting it. Master the fundamentals in this training course with Dr. Kevin Dankwardt.

We survey the Linux kernel specification, boot process, and loadable kernel modules. You will practice techniques such as downloading and searching Linux kernel source code and configuring a Linux kernel from scratch. Challenge and solution videos at the end of almost every chapter allow you to test your new Linux skills along the way.
File Name: Size:
!pd.nfo1.95 kB
001 Welcome.mp417.47 MB
002 Using the exercise files.mp4551.84 kB
003 Prerequisites and takeaways.mp42.14 MB
004 What is the Linux kernel_.mp46.52 MB
005 Where`s the kernel_.mp41.98 MB
006 Discover and control hardware.mp49.39 MB
007 Understand system call mechanics.mp410.54 MB
008 Read messages from the kernel.mp410.09 MB
009 Use the -proc and -sys filesystems.mp427.69 MB
010 Challenge - Hardware, system calls, messages, proc, and sysfs.mp41.34 MB
011 Challenge solution.mp413.87 MB
012 Challenge solution, part 2.mp415.35 MB
013 Understand the bootloader GRUB.mp44.32 MB
014 Configure GRUB.mp45.05 MB
015 Identify and use the kernel command-line parameters.mp46.24 MB
016 Configure run levels and targets.mp46.36 MB
017 Debug initramfs images.mp414.95 MB
018 Challenge - Configure GRUB and the targets and customize the initramfs.mp41.34 MB
019 Challenge solution.mp414.13 MB
020 Introduction to the loadable kernel modules (LKMs).mp45.03 MB
021 Find the LKMs.mp46.21 MB
022 Use LKM commands.mp424.54 MB
023 Identify how LKMs work.mp413.75 MB
024 Challenge - Work with the LKMs.mp41.30 MB
025 Challenge solution.mp416.23 MB
026 Get the kernel source.mp411.63 MB
027 Explore the kernel makefile.mp49.27 MB
028 Examine and build kernel documentation.mp418.30 MB
029 Search the kernel source.mp415.61 MB
030 Examine kernel driver source.mp412.25 MB
031 Examine additional selected subdirectories.mp411.19 MB
032 Challenge - Work with the Linux kernel source code.mp41.95 MB
033 Challenge solution.mp413.22 MB
034 Configure the kernel using make menuconfig.mp417.80 MB
035 Configure the kernel using make xconfig.mp416.96 MB
036 Explore kernel config files.mp421.24 MB
037 Build and install modules and the Linux kernel.mp421.40 MB
038 Challenge - Configure, build, and install a new Linux kernel and LKMs.mp41.57 MB
039 Challenge solution.mp427.38 MB
040 Goodbye.mp4737.54 kB
Exercise Files/Chapter 1 Challenges_DL.pdf60.40 kB
Exercise Files/Chapter 2 Challenges_DL.pdf67.34 kB
Exercise Files/Chapter 3 Challenges_DL.pdf80.56 kB
Exercise Files/Chapter 4 Challenges_DL.pdf55.90 kB
Exercise Files/Chapter 5 Challenges_DL.pdf68.36 kB
Lynda Linux Kernel Fundamentals.mp41.61 MB
pd.jpg22.99 kB B B
Torrent Hash: 06719B6CEBB4C4AA88FA7CAC89D6948CC693BB99
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