19th Feb, 11:11pm
Deep61:  My Carlsberg is installing and working well so I am very happy!
19th Feb, 10:58pm
Tipple:  My network install is done, and running well so I am happy!
19th Feb, 10:57pm
Tipple:  Well stated!
19th Feb, 10:56pm
Deep61:  I am awesome and modest
19th Feb, 10:55pm
Tipple:  You are a great multitasker Deep!
19th Feb, 10:53pm
Deep61:  and busy encoding 3 big ones on a Sunday
19th Feb, 10:51pm
Tipple:  Glad you are holding down the fort Deep!
19th Feb, 10:49pm
19th Feb, 10:48pm
19th Feb, 10:46pm
Tipple:  Oh... ok... All is well then!
19th Feb, 10:45pm
Deep61:  they are all over at my place drinking beer
19th Feb, 10:43pm
Tipple:  Where did everyone go??
19th Feb, 9:41pm
Tipple:  :confused
19th Feb, 9:34pm
Deep61:  I saw snow on a TV documentary last week
19th Feb, 9:33pm
Tipple:  i see snow from November to May....
19th Feb, 9:30pm
cRAYz:  i lived in Ipswitch for 2 1/2 years and never seen snow...
19th Feb, 9:25pm
Tipple:  Lucky you...
19th Feb, 9:25pm
Deep61:  we had snow here too about 4 years ago
19th Feb, 9:24pm
Tipple:  It was like this yesterday too, so lots of snow melted!!
19th Feb, 9:22pm
Deep61:  peaked here at 47 degrees today