24th Jun, 7:56pm
Deep61:  encoding/watering my garden, :brb
24th Jun, 7:56pm
dascubadude:  Hello Chelsea
24th Jun, 7:56pm
Chelsea:  Welcome back Scuba
24th Jun, 7:56pm
dascubadude:  Hi Tip
24th Jun, 7:55pm
dascubadude:  Hello Deep and Thank you!
24th Jun, 7:55pm
Tipple:  Hi scuba
24th Jun, 7:54pm
Deep61:  scuba should have Dr.Who up in about 1 hour
24th Jun, 7:52pm
dascubadude:  Good Day World High Noon Here.
24th Jun, 7:40pm
Tipple:  No worries Deep
24th Jun, 7:39pm
Deep61:  Sorry guys been really busy with new garden gnomes,they needed to get settled in and have just started work
24th Jun, 7:36pm
24th Jun, 7:26pm
jammie63:  you're welcome
24th Jun, 7:24pm
Chelsea:  First time I've heard Alexi Murdoch.. really enjoyed, thanks jammie
24th Jun, 7:13pm
jammie63:  heres a nice song for you's
24th Jun, 7:12pm
jammie63:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv2PyVmwRlo
24th Jun, 7:10pm
jammie63:  sS I dont mind:laugh
24th Jun, 7:09pm
jammie63:  better change my name :laugh
24th Jun, 7:08pm
jammie63:  Deep:laugh
24th Jun, 7:08pm
Chelsea:  It's a done deal jammie...you are DJ4
24th Jun, 7:07pm