23rd May, 7:45pm
23rd May, 7:39pm
23rd May, 6:56pm
Vofuse:  :laugh I'm so sad. 2D Artist mag was discontinued( I have the full collection btw)
23rd May, 6:54pm
Deep61:   :brb
23rd May, 6:38pm
Deep61:  ah ok I thought you would know that sorry I cannot help
23rd May, 6:35pm
Vofuse:  I know that. I have the full digital collection ( gonna upload soon) but I wanted print too.
23rd May, 6:23pm
Deep61:  Request Here: https://worldwidetorrents.eu/forums.php?action=viewtopic&topicid=577 vofuse as they already exist as torrents
23rd May, 6:13pm
Vofuse:  I don't have enough money to buy first hand. plus the official retailer doesn't ship it to romania.
23rd May, 6:13pm
Gear Shifter:  NBA Playoffs  https://worldwidetorrents.eu/torrent-details.php?id=68879
23rd May, 6:03pm
PXgamer:  SH magazines?
23rd May, 5:59pm
Vofuse:  Is there any good site where I can buy SH magazines like ImagineFX?
23rd May, 5:40pm
Deep61:  back,will dig that in first thing in the morning.
23rd May, 5:28pm
Mr. Smith:  I bet your garden will smell real nice now Deep
23rd May, 5:28pm
RonthePirate:  Hi, PX. Right over the fertilizer, must smell good.
23rd May, 5:27pm
RonthePirate:  Ehh, Mr. Lazy just has to remember to get un-lazy.  But thank you.
23rd May, 5:26pm
PXgamer:  Nice. :smile
23rd May, 5:25pm
Deep61:   :brb my 10 bags of fertilizer just arrived for my garden
23rd May, 5:23pm
Mr. Smith:  Captain Sorry to hear you got "pinged"
23rd May, 5:23pm
23rd May, 5:21pm
Mr. Smith:  well just stay safe out there guys & girls so you dont get nasty letters.