20th Jan, 11:19am
Deep61:  pm Deep
20th Jan, 11:09am
daniel1972:  pm raven
20th Jan, 10:52am
Deep61:  fine thanks,just watching some cricket......
20th Jan, 10:48am
Ravendonated:  How are you englishman?
20th Jan, 10:47am
Ravendonated:  Got it. Right back to you. Thank you
20th Jan, 10:46am
daniel1972:  pm raven
20th Jan, 10:42am
Deep61:  Hi Raven
20th Jan, 10:41am
Ravendonated:  Pm danny
20th Jan, 10:41am
Ravendonated:  Hello deep,
20th Jan, 10:40am
Ravendonated:  Pm Raven.....lol
20th Jan, 10:39am
daniel1972:  hey deep
20th Jan, 10:38am
Deep61:  Hi Daniel
20th Jan, 10:32am
daniel1972:  pm raven
20th Jan, 10:31am
Bond:  i can't login in https, only in http :/
20th Jan, 10:21am
Deep61:  pm Deep
20th Jan, 10:20am
Ravendonated:  Pm dan
20th Jan, 10:07am
Deep61:  Hi dacreator
20th Jan, 10:06am
dacreator:  good morning all, have a nice day :)
20th Jan, 9:59am
QueenB:  Morning Deep.morning Daniel
20th Jan, 9:57am
daniel1972:  pm raven