The Greatest Conspiracy: Ep. 5 by Ravendonated

Hello everyone! Its your host for the week, Raven. Let's put your brains where they're supposed to be.
Bigfoot: What are the footprints an evidence of?
Theory #1:
In many cases the answer is clear: Bigfoot is walking. His tracks show a wide range of variations: left, right and right, left. To solve the footprint issue we accept donations for his shoes. If you don't donate, we'll send him to your house to get the donations
Bank name: All Your Money Bank
Account: Big Size More Money
Our Footcoin Address: mm4k5324mldsf34s45sd (this is just gibberish, doesn't work :no)

Theory #2:
The theory may not be based on evidence but it is based on lack of evidence. Truthfully, the photos were always so blurry that he didn't really know why he even bothered posting. But the number of likes has nothing to do with the understanding because let's face it, social media is dumb.

Theory #3:
Through our extensive research we are able to conclude that we cannot conclude anything. But then, it is never good to get to rushed conclusions. I'll tell you why, because if we rush to a conclusion, it will be rushed and we wouldn't be able to conclude the conclusion.

That is it for another episode of brain fart. We'll see you next week on the same bad show on the same amazing channel.


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Posted: 14-04-2017 at 13:04:00
Mod Helper

just a myth

Posted: 14-04-2017 at 13:08:30
The Lich King

that's why its here zeke :giggle

Posted: 14-04-2017 at 13:09:23
The Lich King

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Posted: 14-04-2017 at 13:09:36
My n.a.n. is: Soaring Raven

Says the man who if i see in a blurry photo might not have doubts about BF's existence:giggle
Right Zeke?

Posted: 14-04-2017 at 13:38:25
Mod Helper

people believe what they see raven

Posted: 14-04-2017 at 14:42:12
The Lich King

Thats why no one IRL believes I'm a dinosaur :tongue:giggle

Posted: 14-04-2017 at 17:42:54
The  Captain

sS, I think i do. You have latent reptillian qualities.

Posted: 21-04-2017 at 20:49:33

When I was a child my parents made me believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny , thank God I don't believe in fairly tails anymore!

:laugh          See what  I did there?

Posted: 23-04-2017 at 18:55:11
The Lich King

Yeah penguin:laugh:wink

Posted: 03-05-2017 at 11:48:27

I think its a mixture if of theory 1 & 3. Through extensive research we are able to conclude Bigfoot really needs a good pair of shoes so don't rush to judgment till we get him/her some. :giggle

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