The Greatest Conspiracy : Ep. 3 by daniel1972

Hello everyone! I'm daniel1972, your host for this week's episode of "The Greatest Conspiracy". This week's conspiracy is a well known one & is debated a lot.

Is Elvis Dead?

So, let's get going!

Theory #1: Undercover Agent
I think he was an undercover DEA agent,and the mafia or whoever found out and so they put him in the witness protection service.

Theory #2: Dead Body Sweating
So why was he sweating when he was lying in his coffin, and so called fans where used to cool the coffin off.

Theory #3: Life Policy
He has a 1 million dollar life insurance policy, which has not been claimed. If he is or was alive he could not claim it as he would be committing fraud.

Theory #4: Food Server
Have you been served in a fast food chain from a guy in a white jumpsuit and long sideburns selling not burger king but the king burger. If yes, you just saw The King Of Rock And Roll.

So that is it. We'll see you next time - next week on the same amazingly bad show on the amazing channel, ChannelWWT.


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Posted: 30-03-2017 at 13:35:07
The Lich King

An applaud for our guest host daniel1972. Discuss our show here :

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