The Greatest Conspiracy : Ep. 2 by superiorSilicon

Hello, everyone! Its your friendly neighborhood host - Superior Silicon! Today's conspiracy has been submitted by our very own Obi-Wan Bananas -- Keka_Umans
Alien Monkey Computer Hybrid Computer Programs Infiltrating Torrent Sites

Quite a lengthy one, i know. Let's get onto it!

Theory #1: Keka Is The King Of Alien Monkeys
This could be the correct one, as Keka seems to be controlling many torrent sites (incl. WWT, ET) .. What can be said on the basis of this evidence, is that Keka is controlling monkey-computer hybrid programs to rule the Internet of Pirates! And as of the evidence right now, Keka might be thinking of infiltrating another websites..

Theory #2: These monkeys come from Planet X
This is a very implausible theory because to prove this, we need to first prove the Planet X! For those who don't know, Planet X is an apparent planet NASA is hiding from us... These monkeys have a better chance coming from Planet Bananas..

Theory #3: Illuminati!
All of you know that no episode of TGC can end without the Illuminati.. Looks like they've infiltrated the script of this show to get attention.
Ah, lets just end this, nothing good is coming outta this anyway :facepalm

So, that was it for another awesomely boring episode of The Greatest Conspiracy powered by Keka Banana Factory. I'm your host, Superior Silicon, and i'll meet you again next week on the same awesome channel, ChannelWWT! (They make me say that part forcefully :giggle)


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Posted: 22-03-2017 at 07:16:57
The Lich King

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Posted: 22-03-2017 at 07:32:03
Head Banana in Charge

Point of order...
Planet X is no longer the proposed 10th planet in the humans solar system.
Seems those silly humans kicked a planet named Pluto out of their system.
Pretentious species these humans are
So in reality, it is Planet IX :giggle

Posted: 22-03-2017 at 11:48:40
The Lich King

Yeah Keka, these humans are pretty silly :facepalm Even us dinos know better

Posted: 22-03-2017 at 17:19:31
My n.a.n. is: Soaring Raven

Ouch! This theory is just as complicated as Keka himself...
Maybe it is us the monkeys, he is just feeding us with bananas. He is suplieing several sites with it

Posted: 22-03-2017 at 17:57:50
The Lich King

Rave, atleast I know i'm not a monkey :giggle

Posted: 22-03-2017 at 18:14:39
My n.a.n. is: Soaring Raven

Ya, there's a pretty obvious diference between an sSili and a monkey...
But if monkeys flye, i might have self doubts:giggle

Posted: 27-03-2017 at 17:16:30
The  Captain

Monkeys do fly. Don't forget The Wizard of Oz.  :surprised

Posted: 20-05-2017 at 23:29:04

or is it? maybe not. I am going back to my knitting, lol..Somebody tell me, if it is out there.

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