Deep's Garden 2017 by Deep61

Well you asked for it,so I thought I would start with a bare canvas. This is how it looks before the work starts.

I will be busy weeding and treating the soil over the next few days and going to the garden center to check out bedding plants.
Also this year I am having 12 hanging baskets of strawberries (believe me I really will enjoy these :yes)

I will post an update once I plant out and then follow up as the "garden grows"


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Posted: 10-03-2017 at 13:42:03

You do have a cool garden.. i live in concrete jungle :facepalm

Looking forward to those strawberries!:giggle:wink

Posted: 10-03-2017 at 14:14:19
Silly Kettle / WWT Warrior

Nice deep.
Looking forward to see the evolution

Posted: 10-03-2017 at 18:02:32
First Lady of WorldWide

Nice garden! What kind of plants do you want to plant in your garden Deep?

I would like to get some Petunia for the edge of our terrace, but it is cold here. This morning we still had frost.

Posted: 10-03-2017 at 20:29:33
Grand Maester

mainly petunias this year,wait and see:cool

Posted: 12-03-2017 at 19:05:04
My n.a.n. is: Soaring Raven

I have petunias hanging and lots of geranium and begonias. Problem is begonias are very sensitive. Once i brought 20 bulbs of black tulipes from holland but got one single flower from it...:dull

Posted: 13-03-2017 at 16:13:25
The  Captain

That is a nice start point. You can really do a lot with what you have.
I tried tomatoes a few years in a row, but gave up. We have to start them in early February here,  because by July, the temps will kill them off. Even with solar cloth above them they cannot tolerate our heat.

Posted: 24-03-2017 at 02:29:04
'PoZitive VibeZ BabieZ'

That's What's Up Deep :clap :clap Looking Good!
I like the Rocks, I have a small rock garden :yes
Can't wait to see the end product :yes
Love the Gnomes! :smile
Great Share 'Thank You' :clap :clap

Posted: 21-04-2017 at 20:55:31

Very nice Deer but I don't see any bird table or feeders, you sure this is your garden?!?!! :tongue

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