25th Jul, 7:34pm
25th Jul, 6:41pm
miok:   Deep
25th Jul, 6:39pm
Deep61:   miok
25th Jul, 6:38pm
25th Jul, 6:36pm
Ravendonated:  Oh....ok....far from me
25th Jul, 6:32pm
Deep61:  LMAO it's to do with  Telnet/SSH client
25th Jul, 6:31pm
Ravendonated:  I have a hair cream,   written putty on the side...so dunno what you working at
25th Jul, 6:29pm
Deep61:  trying to get my head around/putty/kitty
25th Jul, 6:28pm
Ravendonated:  Hello Deep
25th Jul, 6:28pm
Ravendonated:  Have a good reading time Chel
25th Jul, 6:27pm
Ravendonated:  Oh scuba! If i only knew! Would be here more often....loll
25th Jul, 6:26pm
Deep61:  back
25th Jul, 6:23pm
dascubadude:  Raven seeing you here makes me happy.
25th Jul, 6:22pm
Chelsea:  Definitely Rave, they're great books..I'm gonna help myself thanks!
25th Jul, 6:20pm
Ravendonated:  I hope i can make some people happy
25th Jul, 6:20pm
dascubadude:  Two voices from the pastJohn Denver & Cass Elliot - Leaving On A Jet Plane
25th Jul, 6:20pm
Ravendonated:  Not the newest books, but good ones
25th Jul, 6:19pm
Ravendonated:  Hi Chel, yes i have
25th Jul, 6:19pm
Ravendonated:  Good evening scuba
25th Jul, 6:18pm
Chelsea:  Hi Raven..you've been busy I see :)