24th Jan, 3:13am
Tipple:  Bed time foe me.. .. Night all..
24th Jan, 3:07am
Tipple:  Hello Ranjith
24th Jan, 3:06am
Ranjith:  hey guys
24th Jan, 1:55am
24th Jan, 12:43am
Tipple:  Night Deep  :hi
24th Jan, 12:42am
Deep61:  Good night all,take care
23rd Jan, 11:30pm
cRAYz:  :hi 124
23rd Jan, 11:30pm
cRAYz:  :cool
23rd Jan, 11:30pm
Deep61:  Hi Kayos
23rd Jan, 11:29pm
cRAYz:  thanks brother..
23rd Jan, 11:29pm
KayOs:  KillerJane congratulations on your promotion
23rd Jan, 11:28pm
Deep61:  wow CrayZ you look so cool in those Oakleys
23rd Jan, 11:27pm
Tipple:  :clap KillerJane
23rd Jan, 11:22pm
Deep61:  very well done KillerJane
23rd Jan, 11:21pm
cRAYz:  congrats KillerJane
23rd Jan, 11:17pm
22BigDaddy55:  Congrats to KillerJane on promotion to Super User
23rd Jan, 11:14pm
22BigDaddy55:  kool
23rd Jan, 11:10pm
Tipple:  all seems to be working BD,
23rd Jan, 11:10pm
Deep61:  good night Queen B,sleep well
23rd Jan, 11:08pm
22BigDaddy55:  you can check now tipple and see if its working