30th Mar, 5:27am
dascubadude:  Hello World, Just Posted; A Fistful of Dollars(1964) Enjoy!
30th Mar, 5:04am
superiorSilicon:  https://youtu.be/zPfwC93kdbg
30th Mar, 2:40am
30th Mar, 2:40am
Deep61:  good night all,take care
30th Mar, 1:38am
Midnight Rider:  yes it is
30th Mar, 1:35am
phillipst47:  Comic book day!
30th Mar, 1:27am
30th Mar, 1:24am
Midnight Rider:  pm coming deep
30th Mar, 1:22am
Deep61:  makes my eyes bleed MR
30th Mar, 1:19am
Midnight Rider:  http://prntscr.com/eq4t2k
30th Mar, 1:15am
Midnight Rider:  LMAO I Use A Really Dark Theme And The Shoutbox Looks like A Lit Up Xmas Tree
30th Mar, 1:11am
30th Mar, 1:10am
Dingdingin:  marvel
30th Mar, 1:10am
Turn4Indy:  teenage mutant ninja turtles 2
30th Mar, 1:05am
cRAYz:  i am...lol
30th Mar, 1:01am
Midnight Rider:  you here tipple
30th Mar, 12:25am
Tipple:  Your welcome... Be back later
30th Mar, 12:25am
cRAYz:  thanks for the warning Tipple...lol
30th Mar, 12:24am
Tipple:  :brb
30th Mar, 12:21am
Tipple:  ok,cool