3rd Dec, 5:44pm
DØX:  fun fun
3rd Dec, 5:43pm
Ravendonated:  Yeah. Ice skating and spending too much money on handmade decorations
3rd Dec, 5:43pm
DØX:  lol have fun @ fair?
3rd Dec, 5:42pm
Ravendonated:  Bought some vases today at the christmas fair. Thanx for your roses. They are safe with me now...lol
3rd Dec, 5:40pm
DØX:   allo Raven
3rd Dec, 5:39pm
Ravendonated:  Hello
3rd Dec, 5:34pm
DØX:   Deep
3rd Dec, 5:34pm
Deep61:   evening all
3rd Dec, 5:26pm
DØX:  lol
3rd Dec, 5:25pm
WarhoundOne:  be careful...I might draw stuff on your face  
3rd Dec, 5:23pm
3rd Dec, 5:04pm
DØX:  lol prob
3rd Dec, 5:00pm
WarhoundOne:  I bet all the other monkeys draw stuff on his face while hes asleep
3rd Dec, 4:56pm
DØX:  apparently not lol
3rd Dec, 4:54pm
WarhoundOne:  isnt the jungle too noisy to sleep during the day?
3rd Dec, 4:49pm
DØX:  night Keka
3rd Dec, 4:49pm
3rd Dec, 4:37pm
Tipple:  Hey DØX
3rd Dec, 4:36pm
DØX:   Tipple
3rd Dec, 4:35pm
Tipple:  Who hasn't done that a thousand times